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gift box for evolutio with various branded items

Corporate gift box for clients, partners and employees

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we have the corporate gifting service for you. We work with businesses to create bespoke giftboxes that showcase their brand. Our unique gifting service will allow you to create something special and memorable for your clients or employees.

Our established relationships with communities provides us with the capacity to source the best products made fairly and sustainably to perfectly represent your brand and send the appropriate message for any occasion. Let our team work with you in creating an exclusive gift box with custom branded options and meaningful gifts for socially conscious companies.

Let our boxes tell the story you wish to tell with our bespoke and corporate gifting that supports conservation and property alleviation through our “Buying a Difference” messages. We understand that in order to create a better world we need to be doing our part in contributing towards that.

Have an event coming up? Welcome gifts give just the right touch to any event. At ERP Gift Box we craft the gift that makes every event even more memorable with a finely curated gift boxes made to match your event.

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